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Don't worry about the overload of information provided by various publications. We provide you consolidated crisp reviews of selected top critics and reviewers so that it helps you to get a quick idea about the film. Because you want to read only the review that interests you and not worry about the rest.

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What is Vaazhai?

"Oru Paanai sotrukku oru soru padham". Which means a grain of rice is enough to find out if the whole pot of rice is cooked. Hence we believe the whole critical and audience reaction can be predicted by using a sample set of reviewers. While the rest of Review aggregations use too many different reviewers and publications, it will result in varying behavior of the sample. Also no user is interested to read 100 reviewers to come to a conclusion.

We use a small set of sample with less than 12 critics to mock a sample population. As it isn't good idea to refer aggregates for films which appeals only to specific type of audience, we have trust scores. You can view the monthy and yearly top films listed based on rankings which are calculated by aggregated critic reviews for films. We are also working on building an algorithm which records your taste, and suggests you movies based on the taste. Stay tuned for the updates!

Films make emotions and it can't be measured

Watching films does not generate some random numbers on the mind. Films make emotions and a number isn't always the right way to say how you feel about the movie. And technology has not yet evolved to measure the feelings to accurate precisions such as 0.25. Hence we use emoticons instead of rating as it gives a better idea about what a critic feels and also because it gives a nice look.